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Wigmore Labs is a London based Pharmaceutical Company whose heritage continues from the already established Wigmore Medical.

We are keen to expand the Wigmore brand by providing a seamless service to our partners and remove the stresses and complexities from the sourcing and supply of reference listed drugs (RLD’s) for Bioanalytical and Bioequivalence studies, reference/innovator products for Biosimilar studies and comparator products for clinical trials. Whether it’s a reference medicine or a comparator product you require, here at Wigmore we have the in-house knowledge and expertise to ensure we deliver to our partners the product(s) they require in a safe and effective way. With our trusted global supply chain Wigmore Labs is best placed to source and supply even your hard to find drugs.

At Wigmore Labs we have the expertise and systems in place to navigate the ever changing regulatory environment, ensure our clients experience a quality service, and protect against the risk of counterfeit products entering the supply chain.

Quality is the main focus for Wigmore Labs therefore we have full traceability of when we receive products from our supply chain to when we ship to our partners. Our fully licensed warehouse can store nearly all pharmaceutical products and meets current GDP guidelines. The Wigmore premises have been fully audited and approved by the MHRA.


TRUST 100%


Wigmore Labs takes great care to protect and develop its supplier and customer partnerships. We are keen to support our clients throughout their clinical studies, and whether it’s 1 or 10,000 packs of product that is required we show the same dedication to ensure product integrity.


Product integrity is key to our services at Wigmore Labs; from the MHRA audited premises and licensed warehouse operating to current GDP standards, we ensure every step taken on the service journey is legally compliant and in keeping with best practices.


Every decision made and every step taken is performed in an ethical and honest way, with our client’s needs at the forefront. To us at Wigmore Labs it’s truly about building successful long term partnerships.